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The CORO ESTABLE DE ROSARIO is a non-profit Civil Association, of a VOCATIONAL nature, which does not receive subsidies, official or private. Declared a National and Municipal Public Welfare Entity.

Founded on October 6, 1942, its first director was Ricardo Engelbrecht. From 1946 and until 2011, the director Cristián Hernández Larguía took over the direction. From 2012 to 2015 he was in charge of Prof. Sandra Alvarez. As of that date in charge of different Interim Directors and as of 2019, as Principal Director, the Mtro. Jesús Ramiro Chinetti.

In 1955 the CORO ESTABLE DE ROSARIO organized the First Festival of Choirs of Rosario, and in later years, Provincial, National and International Festivals.

In 1961, he created the Children's Group of the Stable Choir of Rosario, directed by Cristián Hernández Larguía and Amanda Aliana, thus initiating the training of children in choral singing. In 1962 he created the Rosario Stable Choir Youth Group, directed by María Eugenia Barbarich, giving continuity to the work begun in 1961 and completing the formation of a choir school for the Adult Group.

In 1964, the Stable Choir, which had already obtained the First Prize in the National Choir Contest organized by the Collegium Musicum of Buenos Aires in 1957, was selected on the recommendation of Juan José Castro for the performance, in a South American premiere, of the oratorio " El Pesebre" by Pablo Casals, which under the direction of its author will take place at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, together with the National Symphony Orchestra.

In 1980 he won the First Prize in the National Choir Contest organized by the Undersecretary of Culture of the Nation and in 1981 he won six prizes in the Arezzo International Choir Contest (Italy), thus becoming the most awarded choir.

Throughout his career he has presented numerous symphonic-choral works, such as the "Mass in B minor", the "Passion according to Saint Matthew", the "Passion according to Saint John", "Magnificat in D", "Christmas Oratorio ", and numerous Cantatas, by Johann Sebastian Bach; the oratorios "Messiah", "Alexander's Feast", "Ode to Saint Cecilia" and other minor works by George Frederick Handel and numerous works by Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Beethoven, Kodaly,
Strawinsky, among others.

He has made presentations abroad (Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile and Uruguay), and in the main cultural centers of the country, being repeatedly praised by specialized critics.

Board of directors

President: Felicitas Santone

Secretary: Sofía Marcucci

Treasurer: Mónica Rodríguez

Titular vowels:  Virginia Florez - Raúl Navarro

Alternate vowels:  Angélica Fernández - Hugo Paquez

Account auditor:  Pablo Julián García - Patricia Torio - Diego Zorzoli

Account auditor alternate:  Ilia Sabatinelli - Norma Sánchez

Choral Direction

Adult group direction

Jesús Ramiro Chinetti

Student of the Superior School of Music belonging to the FHA of the UNR since 1996, he has completed the Bachelor's degrees of "Piano" (Prof. Licia Bernard de Parodi, 1996 to 1999), "Choral Direction" (Prof. Néstor Zadoff 2000 to 2004) and "Musical Composition" (Prof. Jorge Molina, from 2001 to 2005). Currently and since 2002 he is part of the teaching staff of said house for the Degree in Choral Direction.

His activity began as a chorus girl and Assistant Director of the Mtro. M. A. Solagna, since 1995 in the Stable Choir of Fray Luis Beltrán, and since 1998 in the Ars Nova Ensemble of Rosario.

He attended a large number of Courses and Seminars. Improvement in Choral and Orchestral Direction, with Masters such as Cristián Hernández Larguía, Vilma Gorini de Teseo, Carlos Cuesta, Alberto Balzanelli, Fernando Ciraolo, Juan Rodríguez and Jorge Rotter among others. And Composition of Choral Arrangements with Masters such as Eduardo Ferruadi, E. "Chino" Correa and V. Tabbush, among others.

Signer of the Founding Act of ADICORA (Córdoba, March 2003), he has been in charge of almost twenty choirs. Some of them founded by him and that he still directs, such as the Children's Choir of the Verdi Theater of the City of Cañada de Gómez, and the ambitious Rosario Verbali Music Choral Study Group project, awarded with Special Mention in the ANSILTA 2010 Contest, and belonging to the group of choirs specialized in polyphony "La Sociedad de los Cuatro Coros" founded by Mtro Cristián Hernández Larguía in 2007.

But the bulk of his experience in the field of conducting, he has been at the head of prestigious institutions already founded, such as the "Ars Nova de Rosario Youth Choir" continuing the work of Mtro. Marcelo Stocco (1999 to 2007); the Choir of the "Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de Rosario" continuing the work of the Mtro. Nestor Mozzoni (2001 to 2003); the Open Vocal Group of Cañada de Gómez continuing the work of the Mtro. Miguel Angel Solagna (since 2001); The "Anselm Clavé" choir of the Center Catalá of Rosario continuing the work of Mtro. Mario Zeppa (since 2014); and perhaps the highest responsibility acquired so far, the leadership between 2012 and 2014, of the University Choir of the City of San Juan, a body rented from a large and constant protocol agenda for Cappella and Choral Symphony, continuing the work of teachers such as Lucía Vallessi, Guillermo Tessone, and of course, its legendary founder, Maestro Juan Argentino Petrachinni.

As of July 2019, he is the Titular Artistic Director of the Coro Estable de Rosario.

Youth group

Irene Chaina

He studied Composition at the School of Music of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts (UNR). Harmony Studies and Contemporary Composition Techniques with Dante Grela; of Choral Direction with Cristián Hernández Larguía and Julio Fainguersch. Advanced scholarships from the National Fund for the Arts, the Antorchas Foundation and the Bariloche Musical Camping to study Choral Conducting with Julio Fainguersch and Carlos López Puccio. Courses and concerts of Baroque Music under the direction of Gabriel Garrido (organization of the Musical Camping of Bariloche).

As a gambista she began in the Pro Musica Antiqua Rosario. Studies with Ricardo Massun and Juan Manuel Quintana.
Early Music Interpretation Courses with Sequentia (viola da gamba) and Pedro Memelsdorff (Italian Trecento) and Baroque Music Interpretation and Continuous Bass with Charles Ogg, S. Siminovich, G. Samela, G.Pérsico, F.Ciancio, H. .Vives, M.Kraemer and G.Garrido.

She has been the director of the Pro Musica Institute of Musical Education since 1983. She has been the director of the Youth Group of the Rosario Stable Choir since 1984 and of the University Choir of the Latin American Educational Center since 1997.

She has been a member of Pro Musica Antiqua Rosario for 25 years (in the last 10, assistant director of Cristián Hernández Larguía, Continuist of Pro Musica Barroca Rosario and member of Pro Musica Niños Rosario).

Since its creation in 2006, she has also directed the Golias Ensemble, a group specialized in Early Music.


Children's group

Sofía Marcucci

Sofía Marcucci currently serves as Interim Director.



Sopranos: Guillermina Amelong / Silvina Citarello / Raquel Etchegoyen / Virginia Florez / Virginia Hernández / Sofía Marcucci / Mónica Rodríguez / Ilia Sabatinelli

Altos: Leticia Abecasis / Angélica Fernández / Susana Imbern / Gabriela López / Lidia Petrullo / Felicitas Santone / Norma Sánchez / Patricia Torio

Tenors: María del Carmen Benedetto / Leandro Buissón / Lucas Garzán / Lihuel Gómez / Sebastián Mayora / Gualterio Schaad / Diego Zorzoli

Basses: Andrés Cerdán / Pablo Julián García / Juan Carlos Gómez / Sergio Mateini / Raúl Navarro / Jorge Navarro / Hugo Paquez


The Stable Choir of Rosario is a non-profit Civil Association.

It does not receive a subsidy from any municipal, provincial or national body. It subsists only with the financial help of its active and adherent members.

Seek the collaboration of EX COREUTAS, FRIENDS and the WHOLE COMMUNITY to continue with the cultural work that has been developing for more than 70 years.

Today there is a new possibility of contributing as an adherent or patron member with a monthly fee that will be an intelligent response for those who believe that culture is the pillar of a better society.

If you wish to lend your financial support, please contact us through our email: info@coroesablerosario.org.ar.

Thanks a lot.

Honorary director: Ricardo Engelbrecht

Honorary president: Alberto Muzzio


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